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6 Smart & Easy Solutions to Summer Plumbing Problems

Posted on: June 20, 2017

Summer is here. Is your home ready? As you’re preparing for summer fun, the team at James A. Wheat & Sons wants you to know how to avoid common plumbing problems. Here are six common plumbing problems and smart solutions to help reduce your risk.

1. Keep the Disposal Clog-Free

Summer means gardens and farmer’s markets, but if you’re sending your veggie scraps down the garbage disposal, you’re setting the stage for a clog. While soft produce can go down just fine, carrots, melon rinds, celery, and similar hard or stringy produce should not.

2. Keep the Toilet Flowing

Summer means more time at home for most families, with the kids at home more than they are during the school year. Avoid problems with the toilet by reminding your children to use less toilet paper. Also, make sure your children (and your spouse as well) know what can and can’t be flushed.

3. Turn Down the Water Heater

You don’t need to turn the shower to its top level to wash off the summer grime. Turn down the water heater a bit to avoid over-taxing it during the busy months of summer. If your water heater is 10 or more years old, have it inspected to ensure it’s working well.

4. Have the Laundry System Checked

Before you jump into the extra summer laundry, make sure your washer and the plumbing attached to it are ready for the extra work. Call a plumber to have it inspected and make sure you address any problems with the hoses that could cause a problem in the midst of summer laundry overload.

5. Watch for Roots

In the summer, the trees in your yard will grow, and this means their roots will dig deep looking for water. Sometimes they will dig into your sewer lines. While there’s not much you can do to avoid this problem, unless you can see underground. However, if you see any problems like water backing up in one of your drains that could indicate a tree root problem, call for service immediately.

6. Keep the Drains Flowing

When you’re washing off the sand and sun, make sure your shower drain don’t get clogged. One way to help this is to rinse off at the beach or pool in the public showers before coming home. This will lessen the amount of grit that goes down your drains, creating potential clogs.

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