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Schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance today!

Posted on: April 15, 2013

Things are starting to warm up in the Montgomery County, MD area, and that means it’s the perfect time to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance! Ideally, you should have routine maintenance performed before you actually start using your air conditioner on a regular basis or at all—if that isn’t the case for you this year, that’s totally fine! Just schedule your AC maintenance as soon as possible!

If you’re ready to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD or the surrounding areas, call James A. Wheat & Sons today at 240-399-5051240-399-5051 or contact us online!

Our Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Having routine air conditioner maintenance is incredibly important because it gives the trained professionals at James A. Wheat & Sons the chance to fully inspect your system and ensure everything is in proper working order.

During your routine maintenance, one of our HVAC technicians will:

  • Check for common issues such as refrigerant leaks
  • Change the air filter
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Check for minor issues (before they get the chance to become major problems)
  • And more!

The Benefits of Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Having annual air conditioner maintenance is the single most effective way to ensure optimal performance of your AC system and increase your home comfort. Some of the main advantages of annual maintenance include:

  • Better energy efficiency – When you have regular maintenance performed on your system, it can improve the energy efficiency of your AC.
  • Improved system performance – Annual air conditioner maintenance ensures that your system is running optimally, which means it will be easier for your system to cool your home and keep you comfortable.
  • More money in your pocket – With improved efficiency and performance, you can also enjoy the benefits of lower utility bills in most cases. And since regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, it can save you money on costly repairs!
  • Increased equipment lifespan – When you invest in annual air conditioner maintenance, you’re making your AC’s job easier—and this can help add years to your system’s lifespan.
  • Lower frequency of breakdowns – Annual maintenance helps ensure your system is running optimally, which means that the likelihood of breakdowns will decrease.

In addition to all those great benefits, having annual air conditioner maintenance can also help you determine when your AC is going to need to be replaced to help you prepare for your purchase down the road.

Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Now!

Don’t wait until summer to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance—the best time is now! Give us a call at James A. Wheat & Sons and our highly trained professionals can help you improve the overall quality of your AC and home!