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My basement is flooded! what do i do?

Posted on: May 21, 2014

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So your basement is flooded. Now that your panic has subsided and you’ve turned to the internet for answers, it’s time to call a professional plumber. There are a number of different reasons why your basement could be flooded, from a burst pipe to a busted sump pump, and it’s crucial that the source of the problem is identified so it can be fixed and prevented in the future.

If your basement is flooded in Gaithersburg, MD or the surrounding areas, call James A. Wheat & Sons right away! Our number is 240-399-5051240-399-5051.

What Should You Do When Your Basement Is Flooded?

If your basement is flooded, there are a couple really important things you need to do:

Call a professional plumber right away. The only way you can fix the problem is to find the source and repair it. A professional plumber like James A. Wheat & Sons can perform plumbing repairs including sump pump repairs and water line repairs. We can also assess the dangers in your home and let you know if it’s safe to enter the flooded areas.

Avoid the flooded area unless otherwise instructed by a professional. There are multiple health risks associated with coming into contact with the flood water, including:

  • Electrical shock – until a professional has assessed the situation, you have no idea if the collected water puts you at risk of electric shock. Entering water that is in contact with a live wire can result is severe injuries or death.
  • Backflow – the water in your home could be the result of backflow, meaning that the water is dirty and could be contaminated with sewage and other waste products that could cause illness.
  • Structural damage – sitting water can cause damage to your home, and it could even make entering wet areas dangerous. Your safest bet is to wait until a professional has assessed your home.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to make a claim. We recommend taking a lot of photos of the flood and the damage—the more information you have, the better. Your insurance agency will let you know the best courses of action, including which water damage restoration company to call for cleanup.

Cleaning up your flooded basement will require a few steps. The first will be drying. Removing any wet or damaged materials and bringing in fans to dry out carpet and other belongings will be necessary. You may also need to remove and discard any damaged drywall and flooring. A restoration company will be able to better direct you for cleanup.

Preparing for the future can help you ensure that a disaster like this can’t happen again. The expert plumbers at James A. Wheat & Sons can talk to you about the weaknesses in your basement’s plumbing and what you can do to improve or upgrade it—making it safer and more reliable.

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If your basement is flooded in the Gaithersburg, MD area, call James A. Wheat & Sons right away! We’ll send someone out as soon as possible to help you.

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