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How to choose the best HVAC company in Maryland & DC

Posted on: October 24, 2011

For many people, choosing an HVAC contractor is like choosing a car salesman – you’re not really sure who you can trust, but in a pinch you need to find someone fast! Most people rely on references from friends or online reviews to choose the best HVAC contractor. But there is another easy way to find the best HVAC company! Before you sign any contracts, ask yourself these questions:

Is the HVAC company insured?

Hiring an uninsured HVAC company is like owning a home and not installing a smoke alarm. Most likely you’ll be safe, but if something does go wrong you’re up the creek! An insured HVAC company will be able to cover any damages they incur, rather than leaving you to foot a potentially huge repair bill.

All James A. Wheat & Sons contractors are fully licensed and insured so you never have to worry!

Is the HVAC company certified to install the equipment you want?

A certification is basically a guarantee that the HVAC company you hire knows what they’re doing and knows the intricacies of installing a particular HVAC system. Working with a contractor who is certified in installing different HVAC systems makes it a lot less likely that you’ll need to rely on their bonding and insurance!

James A. Wheat & Sons can install any make and model of heat pump, furnace, air conditioner or humidifier.

How long has the company been in business?

There’s no real rule on this, but in the HVAC world companies with bad service don’t last very long. On the other hand, companies with great service tend to stick around a long time. When choosing the best HVAC company, try to find one that’s been around a long time – those tend to be the ones you can count on the most.

James A. Wheat & Sons has been family-owned and operated since 1978 – more than 30 years!

Does the HVAC company offer multiple service contracts?

If an HVAC company offers service contracts, this proves that they stand by their work and are willing to help you when things go wrong. A variety of service contracts is even better, as it allows the company to fit their service to your needs.

Wheat &Sons offers numerous Eagle Service Agreements, including HVAC contracts, plumbing contracts and gas fireplace contracts.

Does the HVAC company make you feel comfortable?

The most important thing about choosing the best HVAC company is whether or not your technician makes you feel comfortable. Since you will be inviting them into your home, you want someone who is clean cut, uniformed and trustworthy.

James A. Wheat & Sons has been family-owned and operated since day one. All of our employees go through rigorous drug and background checks, and wear clean uniforms with shoe covers every day.

Finding the best HVAC company in Maryland doesn’t have to be difficult. Find references from friends and neighbors, and when in doubt, call James A. Wheat & Sons! Our friendly HVAC technicians will take care of any HVAC problem you have, from HVAC installation, repair or replacement to duct cleaning and thermostat repair. No matter what type of Gaithersburg HVAC service you need, James A. Wheat & Sons will take care of you!