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Is your home as efficient as you think?

Posted on: February 26, 2012

There’s a very interesting article out by green building consultant Carl Seville that basically hammers home all the points we like to make about energy efficiency – notably that it’s a whole house effort! Toward the end of the article, Seville talks about geothermal heating, and why just installing a geothermal heat pump isn’t enough to make your home as efficient as it could be – you need to make sure your ducts are up to the task as well.

And you know what? He’s right! We’ve talked a lot on our blog about the benefits of sealing leaky ducts. In fact, it’s one of the services we recommend most to homeowners. Leaky ducts can reduce the efficiency of any forced air HVAC system by as much as 30% – enough to make even the most respectable green efforts fall a little flat!

Now, we’re not suggesting you shouldn’t bother installing a geothermal heat pump. In fact, quite the opposite! If you want to lower your home’s carbon footprint (and save tons on energy costs in the process), the first thing you should do is call James A. Wheat & Sons so we can inspect your home’s ductwork. If necessary, we’ll seal it up tightly so no air can leak out. Once that’s done, you can start thinking about installing that geothermal heat pump! The geothermal heat pump, combined with your recently sealed ducts, will provide efficient, year-round heating and cooling.

If you’re interested in duct sealing or geothermal heat pump installation in Maryland, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!