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Furnace Efficiency Tips That Will Save You Money

Posted on: December 21, 2011

It looks like the cold temperatures have set upon us for good. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your heating bills this winter, follow the tips below!

Change the filters

We’ve talked about this a million times on this blog, but a million more couldn’t hurt – changing your filters is one of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain optimal furnace efficiency in the winter. Make it a point to check and change your filters once a month. The typical rule of thumb is if you can see light coming though the filter it’s still good, but as cheap as filters are, it’s usually best to just replace them monthly.

Use windows wisely

Drapes and curtains are surprisingly good insulators, especially in the winter. At night, close the drapes and curtains to keep warm air from escaping through cold windows. During sunny days, keep the drapes open and let warm sunlight shine through – this will help heat your home and give your furnace a bit of a break.

Use other heat producing appliances to your advantage

In the summer we typically recommend using heat producing appliances such as your clothes dryer at night to prevent the heat from building up in your home. In the winter, we suggest the opposite! Cook inside on the stove and use the washer and dryer during the day to add a little extra heat to your home without raising the thermostat – or your heating bill!

Seal up drafts

Warm air is no good if it’s leaking outside! Seal up drafts under doors and windows and make sure your entire home is well insulated to secure warmth inside – this will make your furnace more efficient and keep your home at a more consistent, comfortable temperature.

Insulate your entire house

Most people, even those who have good insulation, forget to insulate one of the most important rooms in the house – the garage! Even though it’s not part of your main house, the garage is still an important factor in your heating bill and is often a place from which heat escapes. Make sure you wrap the ducts in your garage with insulation so no heat escapes.

Be mindful of your vents

To ensure maximum airflow, make sure you keep all vents and air registers clear of obstructions like furniture and drapes. This will help you get heat to all corners of your rooms easily. To improve airflow further, use a ceiling fan spinning clockwise to move warm air from the ceiling all around the room.

Call James A. Wheat & Sons!

The best way to improve your furnace efficiency? Call James A. Wheat & Sons! We can come out and inspect your furnace or provide a furnace tune up to make sure it is as efficient as it can be. Whatever your furnace efficiency needs are, call us today!