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Have you claimed your montgomery county energy efficiency rebates yet?

Posted on: November 17, 2011

Colder weather is coming in fast – if you’ve been thinking about making some upgrades to your home to prepare for the chilly temperatures, you’d better act fast! The Montgomery County Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program is still going strong, with a huge opportunity for you to save money on your heating bills this winter!

The rebate process begins with an energy audit from a professional HVAC technician from James A. Wheat & Sons. The audit, which costs $100, will help us figure out exactly how much money you’ll save if you upgrade your home’s efficiency levels, and will also tell us what other rebates you’ll qualify for.

Obviously, adding insulation, sealing your ducts or installing a new furnace is a big investment. But now is the perfect time to buy! With the huge push for energy efficiency, numerous agencies are offering huge breaks to people who want to do their part. Check out this example:

A James A. Wheat & Sons HVAC technician performs a $100 audit and determines that you could save $800 a year if you sealed up your home and added new insulation. The tech estimates the job will cost $4000.

  • The Montgomery County rebate is worth 20% of the job, or $800. Total cost is now $3,200.
  • The Maryland Home Performance rebate program is worth 35% of the job, or $1,400. The total cost is not $1,800.
  • The Federal energy tax credit is worth 10%, or $400. The total cost is now $1,400.
  • The PEPCO rebate is worth 15%, or $600. The total cost is now $800.

And remember – $800 is how much money your new upgrades will save you every year! In just about one year, the job that started off costing $4,000 becomes basically free. It doesn’t get better than that!

If you want more specifics on the Montgomery County Energy Efficiency rebates program, check out our previous blog post on the HVAC rebate program. And if you’re ready to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and save hundreds of dollars a year, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!