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Furnace replacement in Rockville, Maryland

Posted on: February 5, 2013

We received this letter the other day:

Hello Sir,

I received your phone call today and would like to tell you about my experience with James A. Wheat & Sons. Let me start by saying I’m a retired Reliability and Quality Assurance Engineer. I worked for 38 years at the Applied Physics Lab, where we designed and built spacecraft. That was a very demanding job and required accuracy, and timeliness for a successful mission. My background is Electrical Engineering.

With that said, I have lived in this house for 47 years and have had many plumbing and AC contractors in doing various jobs. My furnace and AC unit that were recently replaced were 24 years old and had been repaired several times (at considerable cost).

 So it was time for a replacement. I called James A. Wheat & Sons on a Monday, the day before New Year’s Day. They sent Mike on that day who, in an extremely professional manner, talked to me about ALL the various options for my replacement. I had received a previous estimate from another company that was $1,000 higher than what Mike quoted.

 I gave the go-ahead to Mike for the replacement and asked how soon it could be installed. He made an IMMEDIATE phone call and set it up for that Thursday. I was contacted by the office to determine if that Wednesday would be a good day for the overview inspection of my situation and that was set up. The technician showed up Wednesday and took about two hours making many measurements and photos, I guess to determine how the new system would be installed.

 On Thursday, very early, two different technicians showed up to install the furnace and AC unit. They were also very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They laid out large tarps from the front door to the back area for the installation. The old furnace was removed in short order and the new one installed by the end of the day. Meanwhile, a third technician appeared and worked outside installing the AC unit.

By the end of the day (about 5 pm) I had the heat back on. The techs then returned on Friday to complete the connections for the outside AC unit.

With my engineering background I’m always interested and watch the work in progress very closely. I also ask many questions along the way. The technicians ALWAYS answered my questions with professionalism.

I had a Carrier furnace and AC unit installed. At the end of the day on Friday I was asked when was it a good day for the inspection. I believe it was set for about 10 days from the installation day. I’ve had many things installed over the years and NOT ONE company has had anything inspected. It was a nice feeling to have these inspections.

On the day of the inspection, again a technician from James A. Wheat & Sons showed up and did a final adjustment of the furnace. It took about two hours. I never saw so many high tech tools being used! They checked for blower speed and carbon monoxide levels, among other things. This took about two hours. Then the inspector from Montgomery County was here and approved the system, and a second inspector for WSSC came and also approved the system.

From the beginning with my first phone call, the ladies in the office were extremely helpful and continued to maintain contact with me during the various visits. All the several technicians who came here were extremely knowledge, neat, always put on booties, and trustworthy. I wouldn’t hesitate for one instant to call James A. Wheat & Sons for other work if and when it is needed.


Tom, Rockville

Thanks Tom! As he said, our team recently finished replacing his 24-year-old furnace and air conditioner with a brand new Carrier HVAC system. The installation was done in about a day, and the inspection followed about a week and a half later. Everything passed and his house is warm and comfortable once again!

If you need furnace or air conditioner replacement in Rockville, or anywhere else in Montgomery County, MD or Washington, DC, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!