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Should you install a fresh air system?

Posted on: May 23, 2012

Since we spend a lot more time outside during the summer than the winter, many people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their indoor quality. But the same problems exist in the summer as in the winter! With the windows closed and the air conditioner blasting, it can be difficult for your home to breathe in the summer – which is why you should consider installing a fresh air system!

What is a fresh air system?

Fresh air systems are a way to ventilate your home with fresh air from outside without losing any HVAC efficiency. As you may know, one of the reasons homes these days have such poor indoor air quality is because there is no exchange between indoor and outdoor air, which makes heating and cooling systems incredibly efficient but also means any contaminates that get into your home stay there. Fresh airsystems achieve this air exchange without causing you to lose any of that HVAC efficiency!

Fresh air systemsare very simple, consisting of just a fresh air control panel and a fresh air damper. The control panel works independently of your thermostat and can be set to always get the maximum level of fresh air delivered throughout your entire home. The control panel opens and closes the fresh air damper, allowing fresh air to be pulled into your system andmix with conditioned air, where it is filtered and moved through your home.

Fresh air systems automatically deliver fresh air year round so you’ll never have to worry about stale air in your home. The constant addition of fresh air to your HVAC system also enhances the effectiveness of your whole house air filtration and purification systems and creates uniform temperatures and humidity levels throughout your home. Finally, a fresh air system will enable your home to meet manufacturer ventilation standards for fresh air, often a building code requirement.

Improve Your Summer Indoor Air Quality

During the summer you’ll be spending much more time outside, so indoor air quality isn’t as much of a concern. However, we still spend about 80% of our time indoors – if you suffer from allergies or spend a lot of time inside when it gets hot out, improving your indoor air quality can make a big difference in your comfort level!

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