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Strange noises coming from your furnace

Posted on: January 8, 2016

If you hear noises coming from your furnace you may just ignore them thinking that they will go away. However, if your furnace gets so loud that you can’t hear yourself talk or the noises become a regular occurrence there could be something more sinister going on.

Some furnace noises that may be normal sounds from your furnace are irregular popping sounds or a humming sound as your furnace is running. These sounds often occur due to the blower running or popping ducts.

While not all noises signal a problem, there are some noises that are telling you that you need to have your furnace looked at.

Furnace noises you should not ignore

Let’s look at the noises that you should not ignore. If you hear these noises coming from your furnace, it is important not to ignore them as this could result in replacement or costly repairs.

  • Scraping Sounds – These scraping sounds will sound a lot like metal rubbing against metal, or even that dreaded nails down a chalkboard sound, they may set your teeth on end when you hear them.  If you hear scraping sounds this could be a signal that something is wrong with the furnace blower wheel. It could be that the blower wheel has come loose or the blower wheel may be broken.
  • Banging or Popping – If you hear loud banging or popping when the furnace first turns on this could be due to a couple of things. While a bang or pop here and there might be nothing, loud regular banging or popping sounds could mean that your furnace burners are dirty, this results in a gas build up and could cause damage to your furnace. The other cause could be your air ducts expanding and contracting and you may need to have your vents inspected.
  • Whining or Squealing – Nobody likes a whiner and this is especially true when it comes to your furnace. If you hear high-pitched squealing or whining you may have a loose belt that has slipped or your blower motor could be malfunctioning. Either of these things will need to be fixed to eliminate the noise and keep your system running safely and effectively.
  • Rattling – If your furnace is rattling so hard that you can feel the vibrations in and around your home this could be due to faulty duct work. When your duct work isn’t working properly it becomes very inefficient and your system has to work harder to get heated air into your home causing damage and reducing the furnaces lifespan.

If you hear concerning furnace noises coming from your heating system, contact the team at James. A. Wheat and Sons. We are a family owned and operated company that works hard to provide our customers with high-quality products and workmanship. Contact our team of furnace repair experts today at 240-399-5037.