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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Receive a Maintenance Check

Posted on: April 4, 2021

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The flowers are in bloom, and the ice and snow are melting. Spring must be here! With the weather warming up, it’s time to switch from heating to air conditioning. Is your AC unit ready? As with maintaining your car, routine air conditioner maintenance is important to keep your equipment in top working order. Mechanics recommend a specific timeframe for oil changes, and HVAC technicians do the same for air conditioner tune-ups.

As it turns out, spring is the best time to receive a maintenance check. Find out why this is and more about what maintenance entails.

Why Schedule AC Maintenance in the Spring?

You can reap the benefits of preventative maintenance no matter when you schedule it. However, spring is the ideal time because it helps dust off the cobwebs and gets everything ready for another cooling season. Similar to tuning up your car before a road trip, a thorough AC inspection gives you peace of mind that the system is ready to run efficiently and reliably all summer long.

Scheduling maintenance frequently enough is perhaps even more important than getting the timing right. HVAC systems should be checked by a professional once a year. This applies to your heating system as well. As you might guess, fall is the best time for furnace maintenance. And if you have a heat pump, plan to schedule maintenance twice a year for reliable home comfort in every season.

What Happens During AC Maintenance?

Every homeowner should perform basic AC maintenance, including changing the air filter up to once a month, trimming vegetation away from the outdoor unit, and keeping all air registers open. A professional inspection and cleaning is far more in-depth than this. Here’s what you can expect your technician to do:

  • Visually inspect all AC parts, including the filter, condensing and evaporator coils, blower assembly, electrical connections, and thermostat to ensure proper operation.
  • Clean, adjust, tighten, and lubricate parts as needed to reduce wear and tear.
  • Test the refrigerant charge and make any necessary adjustments to optimize efficiency and performance.
  • Make you aware of minor issues such as small refrigerant leaks, worn-out parts, wiring corrosion, a loose fan belt, or unsealed ductwork so you can repair the problems before they become more serious.

Benefits of Routine Preventative Maintenance

Why is spring AC maintenance so important? Consider the benefits that await you if you make tune-ups a yearly priority.

  • Improve efficiency: By optimizing cooling performance with a yearly tune-up, your system needs less electricity to keep your home comfortable. This lowers your energy bills all summer long and for many seasons to come.
  • Prolong system life span: A car is more likely to make it past 100,000 miles with routine oil changes, and your air conditioner is bound to last years longer with clean, lubricated parts. In this way, maintenance is an easy, affordable option to protect your investment.
  • Prevent emergency repairs: Revealing small problems early gives your technician a chance to perform repairs without the cost and hassle of a midseason breakdown.
  • Ensure safety: Improper operation could endanger your home and family. Prevent fire hazards, water damage, or the possibility of electrocution with regular AC maintenance.

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