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Geothermal Heat Pump Repair in Maryland & Washington, DC

Providing Heat Pump Services in Bethesda, Rockville & the Surrounding Areas

As an owner of a geothermal heat pump, you know all the benefits of using this system to heat and cool your home: increased energy efficiency, decreased carbon footprint, lower energy bills, and enjoying a long-lasting system. And, you love experiencing these benefits every day. That’s why when your geothermal heat pump is in need of repair, it can be quite a frustrating disruption in your daily routine. The folks at James A. Wheat & Sons understand your need to have your geothermal system back in good working order as soon as possible. That’s why we provide reliable service you can count on, back by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are you in need of geothermal heat pump repair services in the Montgomery County, Maryland or Washington, DC areas? Call James A. Wheat & Sons today at 240-399-5051, or fill out the online contact form on this page!

How do i know my geothermal heat pump needs repair?

One tell-tale sign that your geothermal heat pump in is need of repair is if the system won’t even turn on. However, your heat pump can still be suffering from serious issues even if it runs. Do you know what signs to look for to figure out if your system needs repair? Ask yourself the questions from the list below to see if you need geothermal heat pump repairs services!

  • Is my geothermal system not cycling on or off? If your heat pump is failing to turn on and off, it could be for a various number of reasons. Call a licensed technician in to do a full maintenance check and find the problem.
  • Is my heat pump making odd, loud noises? Sure, your system may make a small amount of noise while running, comparable to that of your refrigerator. However, lose parts in your geothermal heat pump will cause loud noises like banging and rattling sounds.
  • Does the air flow from my geothermal heat pump feel weaker? Reduced air flowing from your system could be caused by dirty ductwork or clogged air filters, which are pretty quick fixes for HVAC professionals. However, the source could be a more serious issue. If you have weakened air flow, don’t wait any longer to find out the cause!
  • Do I have any new or lingering puddles on my lawn? What you might think is just a normal puddle in your yard could actually be a leaky group loop in your geothermal system. Since your geothermal heat pump uses the ground to transfer heat in and out of your home, a leak in the system can show up in your yard. If you see one of these puddles, and you’re experiencing reduced air flow, call James A. Wheat & Sons immediately!
  • Do the coils in my geothermal system’s indoor cabinet have ice built up on them? If you check the cabinet, and the answer is yes, you need an HVAC professional ASAP!

Count on James A. Wheat & Sons for your geothermal system repair needs

James A. Wheat & Sons has been proudly serving the families of Maryland and Washington, DC for many years. As a family owned and operated business, we know the importance of keeping your home comfortable and safe for your loved ones. That’s why we put our own family name on our business, meaning our name is attached to every service we provide. This means you can count on our professionals to do the job quickly and efficiently every time! Trust James A. Wheat & Sons to get your geothermal heat pump running in top shape again.

For an honest assessment of your geothermal heat pump repair needs, and a job well done, call James A. Wheat & Sons at 240-399-5051! Or, fill out the form towards the top of the page. We’re looking forward to working with you!