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Professional Fireplace and Chimney Services in Bethesda, MD

As the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll want to make sure your living space is warm and cozy. It’s crucial to either ensure your method of doing so is working up to par or implement a new means of space-heating altogether. Fireplaces and chimneys alike must be maintained in order to work properly, so it’s best to schedule routine service to ensure their efficiency. James A. Wheat & Sons has been providing fireplace and chimney services to Bethesda, MD since 1978, and we promise to exceed your expectations regardless of what your needs may be.

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Fireplace Installation

There’s nothing quite like a traditional fireplace to cozy up to. Fireplaces lend exceptional appeal to homes as they merge both warmth and classic decorative properties. Installing a fireplace will enhance your space with the flip of a switch, increasing both the temperature and ambiance of any room.

Gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney, making them easy to install without having to overly modify your home’s current layout. They are also relatively maintenance-free. At Wheat & Sons, we offer vented gas fireplaces, ventless gas fireplaces, indoor gas fireplaces, and outdoor gas fireplaces, giving you the option to choose which works best for your living space.

Chimney Cleaning and Sweeping

Having your chimney cleaned or swept is recommended annually as it is vital for one’s safety and health. Creosote buildup inside your chimney can lead to corrosion and blockages that can further deteriorate the chimney, release harmful fumes into your home, or potentially cause fires. The team at Wheat & Sons will ensure your chimney’s safety by removing all hazardous soot and creosote buildup, cleaning out the smoke chamber, and removing debris from the firebox.

Chimney Evaluations and Inspections

Alongside regular cleaning, having your chimney inspected is also recommended annually. Frequent evaluations can prevent chimney fires, excessive smoke, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimneys become more difficult to clean as time goes on, so it’s ideal to keep an eye on them. Taking precautionary steps regularly will keep you—and your home—living a safer and healthier life.

Chimney Repairs

Should your chimney begin to show signs of distress, it’s probably time for a repair. By letting your chimney wear down for too long, you are at a higher risk of an array of issues and costly bills that could have been avoided. The firebox is exposed to extreme heat that eventually wears it down immensely; replacing it not only further ensures your chimney’s safety but also leaves you with a more aesthetically pleasing result. Repairing the smoke chambers can further prevent an overabundance of smoke and buildup. Different chimneys require different repairs, so it’s crucial to get familiar with what yours needs.

Gas Fireplace and Log Services

We can fit your modern gas fireplace with gas log sets that properly emulate a more traditional fireplace, preserving that classic look. The two prominent log styles available are vent-free and vented gas logs. Vent-free logs radiate heat spectacularly and do not require outside venting. Ventless logs are the most popular as they more accurately resemble burning wood, but they must be installed in a fully functioning wood-burning fireplace.

Furnace Cleaning

Maintaining your furnace should be a routine endeavor to keep it working at its best. A clean furnace heightens the production of clean air quality, and the quickest and easiest thing you can have done is changing out or cleaning off your system’s filter, blower, and motor—preferably monthly.

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Reach Out to Wheat & Sons for Quality Fireplace Service

The award-winning service provided at Wheat & Sons stands above the rest. Family-owned and -operated, we aim to help ensure your winter is as warm, comfortable, and safe as can be. Our technicians are NATE-certified and will leave you and your space with nothing short of professional results. We offer free estimates on our services, and our team guarantees a quick response time so you’re not left waiting to schedule an appointment—we will always be nearby and ready to help.

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