Plumbing & HVAC services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

When it comes to your Aspen Hill home, you want your space to be as comfortable and inviting as North Gate Park! Your HVAC system plays a huge role in the comfort level of your house. When you need HVAC system installation, repair, replacement or maintenance in Aspen Hill, Maryland, there’s only one name to know: James A. Wheat & Sons.  Our mission of serving our customers in the best way is reflected in our superior customer service and products.

High Quality Plumbing & HVAC services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

When you need HVAC system installation, repair, replacement or maintenance in Aspen Hill, Maryland, call the experts at James A. Wheat & Sons. We can install and repair a variety of HVAC systems and components, including:

Our Standard Plumbing & HVAC Services:

Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers Gas Fireplace Installation & Repair
Air Conditioners Gas & Oil Furnaces
Programmable Thermostats Well Pumps
Fan Coil Replacement Air Source & Geothermal Heat Pumps
Toilet Repair & Replacement Drain Cleaning & Unclogging
Tankless Water Heater Repair & Replacement Backflow Prevention Testing
Water Filters and Filtration Systems Bathroom Plumbing Remodeling
Water Treatment Systems Dishwasher installations and/or replacements
Water & Gas Line Repair & Replacement Video Sewer Repair

James A. Wheat & Sons is an authorized dealer of Carrier equipment, and can work with you to make sure all of your home’s HVAC systems are energy efficient and working as well as they can to make you as comfortable as possible. We can perform maintenance and service on all major brands of heating equipment.

Air Conditioning Services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

James A. Wheat & Sons provides a full range of air conditioning services throughout Aspen Hill, Maryland, including air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement and new air conditioning installation. Our mechanics can service air conditioning units of all makes and models. We also work with customers interested in installing a new air conditioner by helping them pick out the air conditioning system that is right for them.

Residential Plumbing Services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

James A. Wheat & Sons provides a full range of plumbing services to homes in Aspen Hill, Maryland. We can handle any residential plumbing job,  from small repairs and replacements of running toilets, broken faucets and fixtures to large projects such as water service and sewer replacements, bathroom plumbing remodeling and re-piping of a home’s water or waste lines.

Have a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night? Call James A. Wheat & Sons! We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing service to all of our Aspen Hill, Maryland plumbing service customers. No matter what your plumbing service needs are, James A. Wheat & Sons has you covered!

If you need residential plumbing services in Aspen Hill, Maryland call James A. Wheat & Sons today!

Drain & Duct Cleaning Services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

Don’t let clogged drains ruin your home or appliances. James A. Wheat & Sons can provide drain cleaning services for any fixture in your home:

  • Kitchen drains and sink cleaning
  • Dishwasher drain cleaning
  • Shower and tub drain cleaning
  • Bathroom sink cleaning
  • Toilet drain cleaning
  • Floor drain cleaning
  • Main sewer line drain cleaning

James A. Wheat & Sons also offers duct cleaning, installation and repair services. Every day, our certified trained plumbers perform duct cleanings, chimney cleanings and dryer vent cleanings throughout Aspen Hill, Maryland and beyond. We use specialized duct cleaning equipment to make sure the job is done right the first time. Don’t let mold or other contaminants flow through your ducts – call James A. Wheat & Sons to get duct cleaning services today!

Gas Fireplace Services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

Every winter, James A. Wheat & Sons performs hundreds of gas fireplaces services for homes throughout Aspen Hill, Maryland. Whatever your fireplace needs are, we can help – from repairs and replacement to new gas fireplace installation and more. At James A. Wheat & Sons, we keep our specialized gas fireplace staff up to date with all the latest gas fireplace technology. We can also provide free estimates for gas fireplace installation. If you need any type of gas fireplace services, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!

Residential Heating Services in Aspen Hill, Maryland

James A. Wheat & Sons provides a full range of heating services in the Aspen Hill, Maryland area, including repairs, replacement, and installation of new heating systems. Our specialized staff can perform installation and maintenance services for all makes and models of heating systems. If you want to repair or replace your existing heating system, or if you want to install a new heating system, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!

Home Energy Audits in Aspen Hill, Maryland

If you are tired of paying too much for your energy bills, call James A. Wheat & Sons today to learn about having a home energy audit. During a home energy audit, a James A. Wheat & Sons technician will assess your home’s energy use using a variety of techniques and equipment, including blower doors and infrared cameras. Our energy auditors visit your house on a consultant basis – they are not there to sell you new appliances, simply to tell you if there are spots in your home that are losing energy. Stop wasting money on your heating bills – call James A. Wheat & Sons for a home energy audit today!

What Are Your Neighbors Saying About Us?

“Tom, our service tech, was incredibly helpful and pleasant. Not only did he fix our much-missed kitchen faucet, but he was also kind to the family, including the energetic family dogs who played at his feet. There’s a reason we have a service contract with you!”

-Susan R.

Want More?

Don’t wait to improve the overall comfort and efficiency of your Aspen Hill home. At James A. Wheat & Sons, we want to provide you with our trademark standard of excellence even when we’re not working at your home. With our services, your home can be as relaxing and fresh as Brookside Gardens!

Check out our Helpful Hints section to get quick information on how to tell what’s wrong with your home’s appliances. If you want more in depth information about your heating or cooling system, or if you want information about the latest tips and trends in the HVAC industry, check out Michael’s Blog.

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