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Garbage Disposal Repair in Maryland and Washington, DC

If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, you know how much you rely on it and, therefore, how important it is that it works properly. Unfortunately, garbage disposals can be fickle. If you accidentally drop a spoon in there, if you don’t use enough water to wash away the debris, or if it’s just jammed up and you’re hearing the infamous garbage disposal buzz, you may be in need of garbage disposal repair. Fortunately, the garbage disposal repair experts at James A. Wheat & Sons can take care of all your plumbing problems so your food preparation and disposal is never a hassle.

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Our garbage disposal repair services

Everyone knows what a garbage disposal is—it’s an electrically driven device designed to grind down organic matter (food waste) into manageable pieces that can easily move through your drain pipes. Garbage disposals are invaluable items for anyone who does a lot of cooking at home, because they prevent you from having to throw away all messy food waste, and they help save your pipes from accidental clogging.

All garbage disposals should have a reset button on the bottom of the unit. If you think you need garbage disposal repair, try pressing the reset button first. If this doesn’t work, call James A. Wheat & Sons! Our experienced garbage disposal repair experts can quickly diagnose your problem and get your garbage disposal working again in no time.

Garbage disposal tips

The easiest way to keep your disposal working properly and avoid a garbage disposal replacement is by taking steps to make sure you never have problems with it at all. Almost all garbage disposal problems can be avoided by simply watching what you put down the disposal.

Things you should NOT put down your garbage disposal:

  • Fats from meats
  • Bone fragments
  • Unpopped popcorn kernels
  • Fruit pits and seeds
  • Onion skins
  • Banana peels
  • Stringy vegetables like asparagus and celery
  • Potato skins

Things you SHOULD put down your garbage disposal:

  • Vegetable ends
  • Soft food matter
  • Ice cubes (to clean the garbage disposal out every now and then)
  • A little dishwashing soap (helps freshen the smell)

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Garbage disposal installation & replacement

Don’t forget, in addition to providing repairs, our experienced plumbers can also do installations and replacements! If your home doesn’t currently have a garbage disposal and you’d like to have one, or if your current garbage disposal is old and beyond repair, our expert plumbers can help.

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If you need garbage disposal repair in Maryland or Washington, DC, contact the expert plumbers at James A. Wheat & Sons! Your friends and neighbors have relied on us since 1978 because of our dependable, customer-first approach. We can diagnose the cause of your disposal problem and repair it professionally and expertly.

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