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Oil to Gas Conversions

Do you use an oil furnace for heat and hot water? Oil makes for effective heating systems, but it’s starting to be overshadowed by an even more effective, efficient and readily available fuel source – natural gas! If you’re on oil heating and you’re interested in an oil to gas conversion, call James A. Wheat & Sons!

Why should you convert from oil to gas?

Good for the environment– many homeowners who make the oil to gas conversion see some pretty impressive improvements in their homes’ greenhouse gas output. In fact, after an oil to gas conversion, a typical home will emit up to 40% less CO2 and 99.9% less sulfur dioxide – two major contributors to acid rain! Oil to gas conversions also reduce emissions that deplete the ozone layer and aggravate respiratory illnesses and asthma. In fact, every home that converts from oil to gas eliminates 183,000 lbs of CO2 from the air – the equivalent of removing six cars from the road!

Good for the country– it’s no secret the US relies on foreign countries for a good deal of the oil we use. However, almost all natural gas comes from right here in the states – 97.3% of it! In fact, some experts estimate that if every community adopted oil to gas conversions, we could reduce our use of foreign oil by 7 billion gallons per year!

Good for you– oil heating systems typically range from 80 – 85 AFUE. Mid range gas furnaces start at 92 AFUE and can get up to 95 and beyond! Not only will they save you money, but gas furnaces will also eliminate your need for fuel deliveries and can increase the value of your home!

With oil prices continuing to rise, there has never been a better time for an oil to gas conversion. If you’re thinking about an oil to gas conversion for your home, call James A. Wheat & Sons today!

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