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Well Pump Repair in Gaithersburg, MD

You probably love living in Darnestown, Olney, Laytonsville, or another rural area outside a big city like Rockville or Silver Spring. There’s something wonderful about having all that space to yourself, isn’t there? However, your rural residence may not have access to the municipal water supply. This means you probably draw your water from a well with a pump. Of course, like any other machine, well pumps occasionally break down and require a repair.

Is your well pump acting up? Call James A. Wheat & Sons at 240-399-5051 for well pump repair today!

Signs you need well pump repair

Well pumps are robust machines that typically work without too much trouble, especially if you make the effort to keep your pump maintained. However, you’ll notice very quickly if your well pump requires repair.

  • Low or no water pressure: While this problem could point to problematic pipes or faucets, your well pump could also be to blame. In fact, the well pump is the most likely culprit if you experience low or no water pressure from every outlet in the home. This problem can develop if the motor or another electrical part experiences a problem.
  • Intermittent water: When the flow of water pulses in and out without you touching the faucet, this is another indicator of a motor problem. It could also be a sign that important components are too worn out and a well pump replacement is necessary.
  • Dirty water: You count on your well to deliver clean water to your home, but if dirty water starts flowing from the faucets, you know there’s something wrong with the pump.
  • Odd noises: Even if the water pressure doesn’t seem to suffer, strange sounds coming from the pump could spell trouble. Noises can indicate a wide variety of problems—from a clogged nozzle to a hole in the pipe—depending on the type of sound you hear and the kind of well pump you own. It’s best to contact a repair company to take a look before your water pressure suffers too much.
  • Faulty controls: The water pressure control and water pump control switches are vital systems for any well pump. If these start to malfunction, a repair is certainly in order.
  • Unusually high electric bills: This indicates the well pump is working harder than normal to maintain adequate water flow. One potential cause is if the expansion take is losing air pressure. Under normal operation, the tank fills with water and the air within becomes compressed. When you open a faucet, air pressure squeezes the water up into your home. When the pressure drops enough, the pump turns back on to re-pressurize the tank. If the tank is losing air pressure, the pump must work overtime to restore that pressure, thus raising your electric bills.

Call James A. Wheat & Sons for well pump repair

No matter the reason your well pump requires repair, count on James A. Wheat & Sons. We are a family-owned, locally operated business here in Montgomery County with a history dating back to 1978. We believe in offering top-notch customer service, affordable installations and repairs, and long-lasting work you can remain satisfied with for years to come.

Contact James A. Wheat & Sons online or by phone at 240-399-5051 to schedule your well pump repair today.