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Duct cleaning and air sealing in Brookeville, MD

Think leaky ducts aren’t a problem for your home? Think again! The Cranmers called James A. Wheat & Sons because their HVAC system was performing poorly. What we found was an HVAC system that was working fine, but a duct system that couldn’t handle the airflow! Gaps in the duct system were causing major leakage, and a lack of insulation meant heat was escaping before it got into the main areas of the house.

To take care of the problem, we first cleaned the ducts and then sealed them using the Aeroseal process, which means pressurizing the duct system from the inside and then using a polymer compound to seal the leaks. After that, we insulated all the accessible ductwork to an R-8 level, the required insulation level for ductwork.

We used Aeroseal duct sealing material and double bubble R-8 duct wrap to complete the project.

If you’ve just replaced your HVAC system and it’s still not performing the way it should, the problem may not be with the system at all – it might be with your ductwork! If you need any of the following services:

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