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AC Maintenance in Washington, DC & Montgomery County

Maybe you’ve just had a long, stuffy day on The Hill. Or perhaps you’ve just spent hours sweating with the kids at Great Falls. After days like this, you likely long for a cool, comfortable home. Regular AC maintenance can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns, and James A. Wheat & Sons is here to help. Our highly trained HVAC technicians offer AC maintenance for all types of air conditioner systems – nothing is beyond our team.

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Why AC Maintenance Is Worth It for Washington, DC & Montgomery County Residents

  1. Our temperate climate can spell doom for your AC. Here in DC and Montgomery County, we get the full four seasons — that includes blisteringly hot summers and very, very cold winters.
    Now, imagine your AC system as a marathon runner. Essentially, it doesn’t do any training runs at all for half the year, and then all of a sudden in the summertime, we expect it to run 24/7 to keep us cool! Annual AC maintenance, ideally in the spring, will keep your AC in shape year-round so it’s ready to go when you need it.
  2. Reactive Repairs = Expensive Repairs. Many homeowners don’t even think to call an AC technician until their system breaks. This reactive approach almost always means they end up paying more to get a worn-down system up and running again. In contrast, proactive AC maintenance and tune-ups are less burdensome, more predictable expenses that drastically reduce the likelihood of critical system failures.
  3. It’s one less thing to fight with. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve shown up to jobs only to see signs of a struggle – a struggle between the homeowner who tried to DIY, and the AC unit that fought back. Letting the professionals handle AC maintenance means more time to do the things you love.

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What Exactly Happens on an AC Maintenance Call?

These calls are usually less than a full hour, but we pack a lot into your valuable time. During AC maintenance, our technician will:

  • Check all parts of your AC (filters, thermostat, compressor, etc.) to make sure they’re functioning optimally
  • Clean out any dust or buildup in the filters and surrounding area
  • Refresh you on key materials such as refrigerant, filters, and anything else you need for your AC
  • Make you aware of minor issues like a small leak before they turn into major issues

 Why Choose James A. Wheat & Sons?

Become part of the James A. Wheat & Sons family. Call us today at 240-399-5051 or contact us online to schedule your AC service in Washington, DC or Montgomery County.

AC Maintenance FAQs

How much does annual AC maintenance cost?

The average cost for annual AC maintenance is between $100 and $150. (In contrast, the average AC repair cost is $319!) Save your hard-earned money with annual preventative AC maintenance.

How often should you do AC maintenance?

We recommend annually, ideally at the start of spring, just when you might begin using your AC.

Can’t I just do basic AC maintenance myself?

There are some things you might DIY – changing the filter, for example. But then there are other things only a trained professional might be able to spot and fix, such as problems with the compressor. We recommend hiring a professional.