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Air conditioning installation in Poolesville, MD

Is your air conditioner unable to keep you cool when the temperatures start to rise? Are you currently using window units that just aren’t getting the job done? It may be time for a new air conditioning installation in your Poolesville home! A new central air conditioner can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, and the experts at James A. Wheat & Sons can perform your air conditioning installation efficiently and expertly.

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Things to consider before installing a new air conditioner

Before you schedule your air conditioning installation in Poolesville, there are a few important things you should take into account:

Size of your air conditioner – The size of your air conditioner is based on a number of factors:

  • How large your home is
  • How many windows you have
  • How much shade your home gets
  • How much insulation you have
  • How much air leaks out of your house
  • How much heat your home’s occupants and appliances generate

The size of your air conditioner is the single most important factor in determining how efficient your home’s cooling will be. Too large and the unit will cost more to purchase and will cycle on and off more frequently, providing inefficient cooling and causing your compressor and parts to wear out more quickly. In addition, an oversized air conditioner will not provide adequate moisture control. Too small and the system will have to run constantly to keep up with the demands you place on it, and that’s not good either! Your James A. Wheat & Sons technician can look at your home and tell you exactly the size air conditioner you need in you Poolesville to be as comfortable as possible.

Efficiency of your air conditioner – In general, high-efficiency air conditioners have larger upfront costs. However, the higher initial cost is usually repaid several times over during the unit’s lifespan because of energy savings. In addition, your utility company may encourage the purchase of a new high-efficiency air conditioner by offering special rebates to offset the cost further. If you think you will use it often or if your electricity rates are high, buying a more expensive, high-efficiency air conditioner is a good investment that will pay off in the future.

Schedule your air conditioning installation in Poolesville today

Ready to replace your existing air conditioner or install one for the first time? If you are located in Poolesville, MD, contact James A. Wheat & Sons today to learn more about our collection of air conditioning systems that will save you energy and money, while keeping you and your family cool all season long!

We have been providing repair, installation, and replacement services for air conditioners in Gaithersburg since 1978, and we’ve stayed at the top of industry changes and improvements the whole time. Our award-winning Gaithersburg air conditioning contractors have seen everything when it comes to air conditioners, and we can handle any issue you may have, large or small. We are an authorized dealer of Carrier air conditioning equipment, but we can provide services for any make and model.

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