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Dishwasher drain cleaning

One of the most important conveniences in today’s modern kitchen is the dishwasher. When this appliance works properly, life is good, but when something goes wrong, you can’t delay a repair. A clogged dishwasher drain is one common problem that can range from a minor setback to serious problem that prevents you from using your dishwasher. If you suspect a clogged dishwasher drain in your Montgomery County area home, you can count on James A. Wheat & Sons for professional dishwasher services.

If you require dishwasher drain cleaning services, please call James A. Wheat & Sons at 240-399-5051 to schedule an appointment today!

Reasons to schedule dishwasher drain cleaning

For over 35 years, James A. Wheat & Sons has served Montgomery County with honest, affordable HVAC and plumbing repairs and other services. When certain situations arise, you may deem it necessary to schedule dishwasher drain cleaning with one of our knowledgeable technicians. Such situations include:

  • Damaged drain filter: All dishwashers have a filter or screen at the bottom of the dishwasher. The purpose of this device is to catch large food particles and other debris to prevent the food drain from becoming clogged. You should remove and clean the filter about twice a month to help avoid clogs. If you notice that the filter develops a hole, it’s important to have the dishwasher drain cleaned to remove any food that may have entered and replace the filter to prevent future problems.
  • Foul smells coming from the dishwasher: When you open the dishwasher door, you want to be greeted by the clean smell of detergent, not the acrid odor of rotting food and mold. An unpleasant odor emanating from the dishwasher is the first clue you have a drain clog. You might smell the debris itself rotting in the drain or the resulting mold growth caused by standing water in the dishwasher.
  • Slow or no draining: If you open the dishwasher at the end of a wash cycle and see a substantial pool of water that has yet to drain, a clog is probably the culprit. You need to seek dishwasher drain cleaning services before you run the dishwasher again or water could overflow onto the kitchen floor.

Schedule dishwasher drain cleaning in montgomery county

Count on James A. Wheat & Sons to handle all your dishwasher drain cleaning needs. We are a family-owned, locally operated business based right here in Montgomery County. With experience dating back to 1978 and a long history of satisfying our customers, you know you can trust our knowledgeable team to deliver a job well done! Contact us online or by phone at 240-399-5051 to schedule dishwasher drain cleaning services today.