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Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

Posted on: November 28, 2017

Some noise is to be expected when your furnace is running, such as the sound of rushing air from the vents, a rumble when the blower is spinning, or a popping sound as air ducts expand and contract with changing temperatures and pressures. Any unusual or abnormal noises, sounds that start suddenly, or ones that…

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Steps to Take Before Turning on Your Furnace

Posted on: October 18, 2017

When you know fall is right is around the corner, it’s time to make sure your heating system is as ready for the cold weather as you are. Before switching on your heating system, there are a few steps you should take to make sure it’s in the best condition possible. 1. Change the Filter…

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Can You Increase Home Value With a Fireplace?

Posted on: September 15, 2017

When you’re making improvements to your home, you should consider two things. First, will the renovation add to your overall enjoyment of your home? If the answer is yes, then you need to also consider whether or not this project will add value. In the case of adding a fireplace to your home, the answer…

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Heating FAQs

Posted on: September 4, 2017

If you are like most homeowners in Maryland, you don’t give much thought to your heating system. Whether you have a furnace or heat pump, you expect it to work as it should when you turn it on every year. Yet sometimes you might find yourself with a question about your system. At James A.…

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What’s the Best Heating System for Maryland Homes?

Posted on: August 30, 2017

When it comes to choosing the best heating system for your home, how do you know what system to pick? Furnaces, boilers, and geothermal heat pumps all are great options for heating your home, each coming with its own set of benefits. If you call James A. Wheat & Sons, we can help you explore…

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Year-Round Thermostat Setting Tips

Posted on: August 3, 2017

It’s inevitable that even keeping in mind your tight budget, the hot Maryland sun will drive you to crank up your AC in the summer. And when the sunny days of earlier months pass and you’re left with a cold winter, the temptation to turn up the heat is unavoidable. Though these may seem like…

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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking Water Inside?

Posted on: August 3, 2017

When summer months pass and colder weather begins quickly approaching, it’s time to shift from summer to winter mode. This means shifting your focus to your heating system. When choosing between a furnace, boiler, and heat pump, many Maryland residents struggle choosing which heating system is best. A heat pump is an obvious choice for those…

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6 Smart & Easy Solutions to Summer Plumbing Problems

Posted on: June 20, 2017

Summer is here. Is your home ready? As you’re preparing for summer fun, the team at James A. Wheat & Sons wants you to know how to avoid common plumbing problems. Here are six common plumbing problems and smart solutions to help reduce your risk. 1. Keep the Disposal Clog-Free Summer means gardens and farmer’s…

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What To Expect During an AC Repair Appointment

Posted on: June 5, 2017

When you call James A. Wheat & Sons for air conditioning repair, we want you to feel confident in the process ahead. From the moment you call to schedule your appointment to the moment our technicians leave your home, we want you to know that we have give you the best possible service. To help,…

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The Expert’s Guide to Spring Plumbing Maintenance

Posted on: May 19, 2017

Are you in the spring cleaning spirit? While you’re removing leaves from the gutters, cleaning out the basement, and reorganizing your closet, don’t forget about your plumbing systems! Spring maintenance is important for nearly every aspect of your home, even your pipes and fixtures. Here are a few tips from the experts at James A.…

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