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Is Your Heating System Not Keeping Up with These Cold Temperatures?

Posted on: January 7, 2014

We’ve received several phone calls this week inquiring about heating systems that seem to be working extra hard or simply can’t keep homes warm with these especially cold temperatures outside. Here’s what you need to know about how your heating system works with these freezing (actually well below freezing) temperatures in the Maryland/DC area!

HVAC / heating systems in Maryland and the Washington, DC Metro area are designed and sized to work at about 30 degrees… yes, 30 degrees!! So, any outside temperatures much below 30 degrees could:

  • Cause your heating system to run 24/7
  • Cause your system to not keep up – meaning that the temperature could drop in your house even when the sytem is constantly running
  • Cause your heat pump to kick in to auxilary heat – but you may get better heat if you switch it to emergency heat mode

The point is that it should only be an issue for about 24-36 hours until the home heats up – the issue is just due to the extremely cold temperatures, and the system isn’t broken.

Now, if the system is not creating heat at all or if it’s not running at all, then it might actually be broken and you may need a heating system repair or replacement… in which case, we’re here to help! Call James A. Wheat & Sons today to schedule an appointment to get your heat working properly!


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