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Free HVAC & Plumbing Service Calls in Maryland & DC

At James A. Wheat & Sons, we aim to make plumbing and HVAC as simple and cost-effective as possible. Often, there are many fees associated with calling a plumber or HVAC technician out to your home, but we try our best to curb those costs when we can. For the most part, we offer FREE service calls—with the authorization of repair, meaning that after the diagnosis of a problem, we are scheduled to repair it.

HVAC & Gas Fireplace Service Calls

When your heating unit, air conditioner, or gas fireplace is on the fritz, it can take a technician a bit of time to uncover the problem and announce a diagnosis. To determine the cause of failure and required repairs, we charge a simple diagnosis fee. In most cases, a diagnosis will require a complete check-up of the system operation, which can take up to an hour to complete. The diagnosis fee covers the technician’s time spent diagnosing the problem.

Upon determination of the required repairs, our service technician will inform you of the required repairs and/or repair options and their total cost. Upon authorization of the repair, we will waive the diagnosis fee.

Plumbing Service Calls

On plumbing and gas line repairs, we charge a small trip fee to cover our travel expenses. This allows us to come to your home to estimate the exact type of repair required for your home. Upon authorization of the repair—and when it’s been determined that we can fix the problem—we will waive the trip fee.

Free Estimates on Replacement AC, Furnaces & More

If you require an estimate on a replacement appliance, such as an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump system, gas fireplace, or bathroom plumbing remodel, call us. We offer estimates at no charge to you. The consultants for replacement equipment and appliances have time to review several options, utility savings, financing options (with credit approval), and comfort issues that our service department does not have resources or time to review.

While there is no charge for our consultation, the consultants will not be able to diagnose system failures or offer repair advice. They are simply experts at providing you with a new system that meets your safety, comfort, and energy-usage needs.

Areas We Serve

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  • Potomac
  • Chevy Chase
  • Rockville

Schedule HVAC or Plumbing Service in MD or DC

Need AC repair? Have a plumbing or gas line problem? We offer free service calls upon authorization of repair. Need a replacement air conditioner? Our consultants offer FREE consultations. Contact the team online or by calling 240-399-5051 to schedule an appointment today!

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