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Heat Pump Maintenance in DC & MD

Does your heat pump need a tune-up? You’ve come to the right place. James A. Wheat & Sons has been the trusted name in HVAC in the Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC areas since 1978. Our team can inspect your heat pump to ensure it will heat and cool at optimal efficiency so you can depend on it season after season.

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The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

If you want your heat pump to live a long healthy life, then you need to schedule maintenance at least twice a year. Ideally, you need to have your heat pump inspected just before the heating season and just before the cooling season. That way, you can be sure your heat pump is running in top condition and maximum efficiency.

So why should you bother with heat pump maintenance?

  • Better energy efficiency – Having routine maintenance performed on your system can improve its energy efficiency, which helps lead to many of the other benefits on this list!
  • Money in your pocket – When your heat pump is operating in top condition, it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to do its job—that can translate to lower bills for you. And don’t forget—when you have regular maintenance, you can expect to experience fewer break downs, which would mean less money spent on repairs!
  • Improved system performance – During your regular maintenance and inspection, our technician will make sure your system is operating properly, change the air filters, and more. That means heating and cooling your home just became that much easier for your heat pump.
  • Fewer inconvenient breakdowns – Your heat pump maintenance appointment gives an HVAC technician the chance to check out your system and identify any minor issues or potential problems before they become major dilemmas.
  • Clean, healthy air – During your routine maintenance, the technician will change your air filter, which can improve the air quality in your home and make it a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.

Make maintenance affordable

At James A. Wheat & Sons, we want to help you make your HVAC service affordable and manageable—that’s why we offer Eagle Maintenance Agreements. When you get an agreement for your heat pump, it will include:

  • Exclusive 24-hour emergency service
  • Priority scheduling—even during our busy season
  • Saturday service at no additional fee
  • 15% off ALL SERVICE REPAIRS—including emergency services!
  • Two comprehensive inspections a year (heating inspection in the fall, cooling inspection in the spring)
  • A full report on your system performance
  • Carbon monoxide level test

Learn more about Eagle Maintenance Agreements »

Schedule your heat pump maintenance today!

Don’t risk heat pump failure and high energy bills! Schedule your heat pump maintenance in the Montgomery County, MD or northern Washington, DC areas today. Our experts are ready to help.

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