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Heat Pump Replacement in DC & MD

Also Providing Heat Pump Installation Services in Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase & the Surrounding Areas

If you use a heat pump to heat and cool your home in Maryland or Washington, DC, you already know that they can efficiently keep your home comfortable no matter what the season. With proper maintenance, a good heat pump will last you about 15 years or more. After that amount of time, you may start to notice things like drops in efficiency and faulty operation. Fortunately, heat pump replacement is not nearly as painful as it sounds—especially if you call James A. Wheat & Sons!

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Replacing your old heating and cooling system?

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Heat pump replacement warning signs

As your heat pump nears the end of its life, it can be difficult to decide if you need heat pump replacement or if you just need heat pump repair. When you think you’re getting down to the wire, keep an eye out for the following heat pump repair warning signs:

Your heat pump is more than 10 years old.

This isn’t necessarily a sure sign that you’ll need heat pump replacement. However, if your existing heat pump is getting old and you feel like you’re getting it repaired constantly, you may want to consider heat pump replacement. If nothing else, a newer, more efficient heat pump could save you even more on your energy bills!

Your energy bills are going up.

If you take care of your heat pump and have it maintained regularly and it’s still starting to lose efficiency, this is a pretty good sign that you need heat pump replacement. It’s very difficult to restore the efficiency of an old heat pump, so at this point heat pump replacement might be your best choice.

You have uneven heating and cooling.

Uneven heating and cooling in your home may be a sign of leaky ductwork, poor insulation or, most commonly, heat pump failure. If your home has uneven heating and cooling and you think you need heat pump replacement, call James A. Wheat & Sons!

Your home has humidity problems.

Unregulated humidity levels in your home are usually the result of leaky ductwork or poor heat pump operation. If you call James A. Wheat & Sons, we can assess your situation and recommend heat pump replacement or another procedure to help get your home comfortable again.

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