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Boiler Maintenance in DC & MD

You rely on your boiler to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long. Much the same way your car needs regular oil changes to run smoothly, your boiler requires maintenance to perform at its peak efficiency level. With over 35 years of experience servicing boilers, you know you can count on the team at James A. Wheat & Sons for professional boiler maintenance in your Montgomery County area home.

If you require boiler maintenance, please call James A. Wheat & Sons at 240-399-5051 to schedule an appointment today!

Benefits of boiler maintenance

If you hesitate to schedule boiler maintenance, consider the benefits of making it a part of your fall routine:

  • Increased safety: If you have a gas-fired boiler, the risk of carbon monoxide exposure always exists. A gas boiler can leak carbon monoxide into your home for many reasons, from faulty installation to poor ventilation to simple neglect. Annual maintenance ensures your boiler is running safely for your peace of mind.
  • Fewer emergency repairs: Winter is the time of year when you rely on your boiler the most. It’s also when breakdowns most occur often. To ensure your boiler keeps you comfortable all winter long with no untimely breakdowns, schedule maintenance at the beginning of the season. By preventing emergency repairs, maintenance actually saves you money.
  • Improved comfort and efficiency: A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently and consumes less fuel while heating your home. This saves you money on operating costs without resulting in decreased comfort.
  • Increased equipment lifespan: Neglect is one of the most common causes for early boiler failure. By giving your boiler the attention it needs, you can help it last years longer. The ability to put off replacing your boiler saves you money in the long run.

What does boiler maintenance involve?

When a trained technician from James A. Wheat & Sons arrives at your home to perform boiler maintenance, here’s a look at the tasks he will perform and their associated benefits:

  • Cleaning the boiler removes soot and scale to help it run more efficiently.
  • Inspecting the pressure tank ensures the tank is filled with air, not water.
  • Bleeding the system removes air bubbles for better operation.
  • Checking the boiler for corrosion and leaks reveals whether it needs to be replaced.
  • Inspecting the boiler and heat exchanger for cracks—as well the flue for proper venting – eliminates the possibility that carbon monoxide is leaking into your home.
  • Checking all controls and safety devices confirms the boiler is operating normally.
  • Testing the high-limit control ensures the water inside the boiler never exceeds a given temperature.
  • Testing the pressure-relief valve ensures your safety if the pressure inside the boiler ever exceeds recommend levels.
  • Checking the gas pressure verifies that the boiler is operating at the correct pressure for safety and efficiency.

Schedule boiler maintenance in montgomery county

James A. Wheat & Sons has been operating as a family-owned, locally operated business in Montgomery County since 1978. Our years of experience and long history of excellent customer satisfaction means you can count on us to handle your boiler maintenance needs. Contact us online or by phone at 240-399-5051 to schedule boiler maintenance today.