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Kitchen plumbing tips

Posted on: April 17, 2012

When you think about your home’s plumbing system, you probably think of one of two places – the kitchen or the bathroom. today we’re going to be talking about your kitchen’s plumbing – how to keep it safe and how to fix any minor problems you might run into!

General Kitchen Plumbing Tips

  • Your garbage disposal is powerful, but it’s not invincible. Avoid putting anything down the disposal it won’t be able to grind – this includes stringy waste like celery and banana peels and hard-to-grind food particles like chicken or turkey skins, potato peels, carrots and other things like that. You can click here to read more garbage disposal maintenance tips.
  • Run the cold water for 15 seconds before and after using the garbage disposal, and keep it on the whole time you use it. This will help flush the drain of food particles instead of allowing them to build up and clog the line.
  • Never pour liquid grease or oil down the drain. Wipe any congealed grease off of pots and pans with a paper towel and throw it away before washing – this will prevent grease from getting into your kitchen drain and causing a backup.

Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

If you don’t clean out your garbage disposal every now and then, you might get some foul odors that emanate from the drain. Fortunately, these can be taken care of easily!

  • Toss some ice cubes into the disposal. They’ll make a really loud noise and you might think they’re damaging your unit, but they’re actually helping to wash and hone the blades.
  • While you’re running the disposal with ice, pour a few drops of liquid dish soap in while running the cold water. This should help remove any grease buildup and leave the drain smelling fresh.

What to Do when the Garbage Disposal Stops Working

Most of the time when your garbage disposal stops working, it’s very fixable. Garbage disposals have what’s called an overload protector that senses when the motor is overheating and shuts it off automatically. To fix your garbage disposal:

  • Turn the disposal off.
  • Never put your hands or any objects down the drain.
  • Make sure the disposal is plugged in.
  • With the power switched off, press the reset button (located on the front or bottom of the disposal).
  • Turn the disposal back on.

Cleaning Your Aerators

The aerator in your sink adds air to the water coming out to reduce splashing. If you have low pressure from your kitchen sink, it’s usually because lime scale has built up and is blocking the small holes in the aerator. Cleaning the aerator is easy:

  • Unscrew it from the faucet using your hands or a set of pliers.
  • Take the aerator apart.
  • Use a brush dipped in vinegar to remove the sediment.
  • Reassemble the aerator and screw it back onto the faucet.

For more tips or to take care of any major problems you’re having with your plumbing in Gaithersburg, call James A. Wheat & Sons!