Air Filtration Systems in Gaithersburg, MD

When it comes to keeping the air in your home clean, you have two options: go to the hardware store a couple times a year and stock up on those blue or white air filters, or call James A. Wheat & Sons to install a whole house air filtration system! Whole house air filtration systems can be installed as part of your central heating and air conditioning system, out of sight and out of the way. Best of all, unlike disposable filters which need to be replaced once a month, whole house air filtration systems require light maintenance only once a year!

Benefits of whole house air filtration

Whole house air filtration systems provide all the benefits of electronic air cleaners, but throughout your whole house – they’re not limited to one room! As a result, more bacteria, viruses, dust, pet dander and other contaminants and allergens are filtered out of your indoor air before they become a problem. Whole house air filtration systems make it easier to breathe healthier air, making them particularly beneficial for people with allergies or asthma.

If you want to clean up your indoor air and get rid of things like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses, smoke and more, don’t wait – call James A. Wheat & Sons to install a whole house air filtration system in Maryland or DC today!

Why call James A. Wheat & Sons for air filtration system services?

James A. Wheat & Sons, Inc. is a family owned and locally operated business that has been serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in Montgomery County, Maryland (MD) and NW Washington, DC since 1978. For two generations, our HVAC company has been striving to provide plumbing, heating and air conditioning services that exceed your expectations.

Customer service, professionally trained plumbing and HVAC technicians, and hard work are the reasons our customers continue to use our company for all of their heating, cooling and plumbing needs. Our website will provide you with valuable information as to the type of services we provide, products we offer and helpful tips that can save you money, including manufacturer recalls to make sure your home is safe and comfortable.

Whether you have a plumbing emergency or want to schedule a routine check-up for your HVAC system, our team of trained technicians is here to help – day or night. Customers throughout Maryland and Washington, DC have come to rely on James A. Wheat & Sons for all their plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs because as a local, full-service plumbing and HVAC company, we can handle any and all of their problems in a time-sensitive fashion and at an affordable rate.