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Posted on: August 16, 2017

We had a new natural gas water heater replaced today by John and Damon of Wheat & Sons. This was not an easy job, as it was on the 3rd floor of our DC townhouse. Having tired of dealing with some marginal contractors for other home repairs, I decided to spend a few extra dollars for the horsepower of a responsible organization with bench strength. That paid off. Because of some glitches in the replacement, these two installers spent most of the day in my house getting it done perfectly, including driving from DC to Rockville for a part. Wheat had the resources to reassign other techs to honor commitments assigned to these guys for this day, thus keeping everyone happy. Despite all the extra time and parts, they honored their quoted price without any attempt of haggling for upcharges. They also went out of their way to respect our home and left no trace of their having been here. They even are handling the scheduling of the DC permit inspector (included in the price). Easily worth the extra few bucks. They even called to say they were running a bit late for arrival. Impressive outfit all around.