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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking Water Inside?


When summer months pass and colder weather begins quickly approaching, it’s time to shift from summer to winter mode. This means shifting your focus to your heating system.

When choosing between a furnace, boiler, and heat pump, many Maryland residents struggle choosing which heating system is best. A heat pump is an obvious choice for those looking for a cost-effective, long lasting, environmentally friendly and highly efficient system.

Though these heat pumps work well and efficiently most of the time, there’s still a chance yours could leak. The first step you can take toward avoiding running into leaking heat pumps is choosing the right unit and having the right people install it

Our team of technicians offer heat pump installation of the most quality brands and strongly recommend you choose the right heat pump to lower your chance of leaks.

Whether you find your furnace leaking water in winter or your heat pump leaking water outside of the unit, the team at James A. Wheat & Sons has the expertise you need! Call us today at 240-399-5051 for heat pump repair in Gaithersburg and we can quickly and properly fix the problem.

Reasons For Heat Pump Leaks

The reason for one leak may differ from the reason for another. Even if you have a trusted brand of heat pump, leaks are still a possible outcome. If you discover your heat pump is dripping water inside or outside of the unit, call for repair immediately.

Here are three of the most common causes for heat pump leak:

  • Drain Problems – Most heat pumps have a drain pan which are used to collect normal condensation from the unit. If that pan becomes clogged with debris, mold, or algae, it could overflow and result in a puddle around your pump. In many cases, the system with automatically turn off before this happens, but the problem will still need to be fixed before your pump runs again.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils – In the summer, low levels of refrigerant levels could lead to ice on the cooling coils. This impairs the cooling process and prevents the heat pump from working properly. The melting ice causes the leak.
  • A Dirty Coil – The cold evaporator coil in your unit collects condensation from the air and drains it down the coil into a pan which then leads to another drain. If this coil is dirty, it malfunctions and the water drips onto the ground.

Are you asking yourself “Why is my heat pump leaking water outside”? James A. Wheat & Sons can help! Call us today at 240-399-5051 for heat pump repair in Gaithersburg.

Solutions For Heat Pump Leaks in Maryland

Leaks and other damage can be prevented by yearly inspections of your heating unit. Hiring a professional for heat pump maintenance will greatly increase your energy efficiency and lower your energy cost.

If you do experience a leak, call a professional immediately to schedule heat pump repair and prevent further damage.

Why Choose James A. Wheat & Sons For Heat Pump Services in Gaithersburg?

Not only is our team licensed and insured, but we’re also passionate about what we do. As a family owner and operated business, we attach our name proudly to everything we do. We promise quality service and customer satisfaction.

Our heat pump maintenance and repair will help you stay warm during the colder Maryland months. We look forward to serving you soon.

If you’re face with a leak or looking to stay proactive before issues arise, call James A. Wheat & Sons at 240-399-5051 to schedule a heat pump repair appointment in Gaithersburg.

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